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Group or Private Lessons


Big Country’s is a place where you can come and enjoy a fun filled day of horse back riding and Equestrian activities.

Enjoy a day of trail riding on or off site as we ride in the best parks in Calvert County.   Or just come out and enjoy a whole day of our Equestrian Activities, horse games and our trail challenge courses!


Riding lessons are instructed by a qualified trainer or trainer’s assistant.

Each lesson is given for 1 hour at $85.00 an hour.


Or sign up for a 6 week course for $495.00. Lessons may exceed 6 weeks depending on student’s comfort with riding ability and comprehension.


Students will learn the basic riding skills and safety methods.


Students will learn the Western style of riding and be introduced to the English style of riding.

Students will be provided with a helmet which he/she must wear at all times.


A ceremony of completion will be given for the students at the end of each session.

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